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Golden Tiger Education was officially established in 2023 as a one-stop service provider integrating study abroad, language training, overseas immigration, and visa processing services in 2018. Golden Tiger Education have senior management trainers and consultants to develop high quality academic planning and training courses based on many famous institutions such as University of Toronto, McMurry University and University of Waterloo. Golden Tiger Education specialize in high-quality study abroad applications, including undergraduate, master and doctoral programs in the United States, Australia, Europe, Canada, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore and other well-known institutions, and develop exclusive and professional academic planning for students. A series of talent development programs.


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20 Jan 2023


Project Brief

Golden Tiger Education provides a complete and professional series of services in accordance with strict workflow, from education planning, admission application, paperwork beautification, visa application, air ticket booking, accommodation arrangement, pick-up and drop-off, and follow-up services for our clients. In addition, Golden Tiger Education also specializes in various types of seminars and activities to help students gain an advantage over their peers in the future job market. The institute aims to attract potential students who are interested in gaining new skills or advancing their careers in the tech industry. As a startup, Golden Tiger Education has a limited budget and wants to generate maximum ROI from their digital marketing efforts.

How We Work

To address the client's challenge, we recommended a Google Ads campaign to increase the institute's visibility and reach potential students who are actively searching for online courses in technology-related fields.

We started by identifying the client's target audience, including demographics, interests, and search behaviors. We conducted extensive keyword research to identify relevant search terms that potential students would use to find online courses. We created ad groups based on the identified keywords and designed compelling ad copy that highlighted the institute's unique selling propositions and benefits.

To further optimize the campaign, we implemented targeting options such as location targeting, device targeting, and ad scheduling to ensure the ads were shown to the right people at the right time. We also set up conversion tracking to measure the effectiveness of the campaign and make data-driven decisions to optimize the campaign further.


The Google Ads campaign yielded significant results for the client. Within the first month, the campaign generated over 500 clicks and resulted in 50 new enrollments. The client saw a 35% increase in enrollment compared to the same period last year. The campaign's click-through rate (CTR) was 10%, well above the industry average of 2%.

The Google Ads campaign was an effective solution for the startup educational institute's challenge of establishing brand awareness and attracting potential students. The campaign's success demonstrates the effectiveness of digital marketing and the importance of understanding the target audience's search behaviors and interests. By leveraging Google Ads, the client was able to generate maximum ROI from their digital marketing efforts and achieve their business objectives.


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