SILKYO was founded in 2021. The physical studio is located in Toronto, mainly serving the United States and Canada. The main business is high-end jewelry such as sea pearls and 18K gold diamonds, targeting young people who love luxury jewelry. SILKYO provides two types of services: on-hand try-on and jewelry customization, ensuring personalized service and product flexibility. In North America, where labor costs are high, SILKYO aims to provide customers with excellent quality and friendly pricing, avoiding the high "brand premium", and creating the most satisfactory jewelry for every enthusiast.





16 Mar 2023


Project Brief

SILKYO approached us to conduct a comprehensive cybersecurity assessment and implement improvements to enhance the security of their network, systems, and data. Our primary objectives were to identify vulnerabilities and risks, provide recommendations to mitigate those risks, and ensure the company's compliance with relevant regulations and best practices.

How We Work

The project timeline was four weeks, divided into two phases:

Phase 1 - Cybersecurity Assessment:

  1. Network Scanning: We used network scanning tools to identify open ports, services, and vulnerabilities in the company's network.

  2. Application Testing: We tested the company's web application for common vulnerabilities, such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and session management issues.

  3. Vulnerability Assessment: We conducted a vulnerability assessment to identify weaknesses in the company's network, systems, and applications.

  4. Policy Review: We reviewed the company's security policies and procedures to ensure compliance with industry best practices and relevant regulations.

Phase 2 - Implementation of Improvements:

  1. Firewall Configuration: We configured the company's firewall to block unnecessary traffic and filter out malicious traffic.

  2. Anti-Malware Deployment: We deployed anti-malware software to protect the company's systems and data from malware and other threats.

  3. Employee Awareness Training: We conducted an employee awareness training program to educate employees on cybersecurity risks, policies, and best practices.

  4. Patch Management: We implemented a patch management program to ensure that software and operating systems are up-to-date and free from known vulnerabilities.

  5. Data Backup and Recovery: We implemented a data backup and recovery plan to ensure that the company's critical data is backed up regularly and can be recovered in case of a disaster.


As a result of the cybersecurity assessment and implementation of improvements, SILKYO significantly improved its security posture. The company is now better protected against cyber threats, and employees are more aware of cybersecurity risks and best practices. The improvements implemented have reduced the risk of data breaches and other cyber attacks, protecting the company's reputation and customer data. Additionally, the company is now compliant with relevant regulations and industry best practices.


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