SILKYO was founded in 2021. The physical studio is located in Toronto, mainly serving the United States and Canada. The main business is high-end jewelry such as sea pearls and 18K gold diamonds, targeting young people who love luxury jewelry. SILKYO provides two types of services: on-hand try-on and jewelry customization, ensuring personalized service and product flexibility. In North America, where labor costs are high, SILKYO aims to provide customers with excellent quality and friendly pricing, avoiding the high "brand premium", and creating the most satisfactory jewelry for every enthusiast.



Photography & Videography


03 Mar 2023


Project Brief

SILKYO's existing product photography was not up to par with the high standards of their luxury jewelry items. SILKYO wanted to create product images that would showcase their jewelry items' beauty and quality to potential customers online.

How We Work

To address SILKYO's challenge, we recommended a product photography project to create high-quality images that would showcase the jewelry items' beauty and quality.

We started by analyzing SILKYO's existing product images and identifying areas of improvement. We then created a detailed plan for the product photography project, which included the following steps:

  1. Equipment and Setup: We invested in high-end camera equipment and lighting setups to capture the jewelry items' intricate details accurately.

  2. Styling and Composition: We created a consistent and cohesive styling and composition approach for all product images to ensure they align with SILKYO's branding and marketing objectives.

  3. Retouching and Post-Production: We used advanced retouching and post-production techniques to enhance the images' quality, including color correction, image sharpening, and background removal.

  4. Quality Assurance: We implemented a thorough quality assurance process to ensure that all images met SILKYO's standards and were of the highest quality.


The product photography project yielded significant results for SILKYO. The new product images showcased the jewelry items' beauty and quality, resulting in a significant increase in sales and customer engagement. SILKYO saw a 40% increase in sales compared to the same period last year. SILKYO also received positive feedback from customers who appreciated the high-quality product images.

The product photography project was an effective solution for SILKYO's challenge of improving their product photography to showcase their luxury jewelry items in the best possible way. The project's success demonstrates the importance of investing in high-quality product photography to attract more customers and increase sales. By leveraging advanced techniques, equipment, and quality assurance processes, SILKYO was able to achieve their business objectives and establish a competitive advantage in the online jewelry market.


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